Monday, November 8, 2010


A woman snuck into a marble building. Her bloated belly showed her pregnancy, her empty sack an intention of misdeed. A slender man followed her, sneaking in a similar fashion.
“Are you sure that we can do this?” asked the woman, worried. “The gods, Crisstareenaywebdermotti especially, they’ll—”
“Screw the gods,” said the man. “I’m not passing up such an awesome opportunity.”
“But the evil goddess Anilokalmosia gave that opportunity, and we can’t exactly trust her. And if we get caught?”
“If we’re quiet, there’s no way we’ll get caught!” stage whispered the man. “Now shush! We must find the Anvil of Crisstareenaywebdermotti’s regional minister.” The two darted through halls and corridors and trembled at the slightest sound. They reached dead end after dead end. “We’ll never find it!” said the woman with a sigh. “This isn’t worth the million dollar reward!”
“Of course it is!” said the man. “We need the money—and here is the room!” The diamond-studded door opened to a room full of jewels, maces, staffs, and many other items worth far more than one million dollars, all of which had been blessed with remarkable power. “There it is!” whispered the woman, pointing to the anvil. As the duo ran, however, the woman tripped. THUD! Guards swarmed out of nowhere. “Cease! Desist!” they cried. Suddenly, a glowing brunette with a ponytail and a dress appeared. “The Great Goddess Crisstareenaywebdermotti!” exclaimed the man and woman, as they bowed.
“Enough of your fake reverence!” shouted Crisstareenaywebdermotti. “You were trying to steal the sacred anvil, and for the goddess Annie?! Shame on both of you!” Annie was the Chosen Mortal Name (CMN) of Anilokalmosia. “For this, you must be cursed.” The man and woman gulped. Upon seeing the woman’s pregnant belly, Crisstareenaywebdermotti declared, “Your child will be cursed! Come naming time, she will get a name close to the CMN of Anilokalmosia, since you obviously support that goddess greatly!” She paused. “However,” she added in a softer voice, “she won’t get the actual name, as you only attempted to steal something from a regional minister as opposed to, well, me. So, your child will not be doomed to stay evil forever. But she will be evil once in her life, due to her to-be-assigned name. So consider yourselves grateful. I’m in a pleasant mood today.”
“Oh thank you, oh great goddess Crisstareenaywebdermotti,” said the man and woman, ecstatically. “We have learned from our mistake. We won’t do it again, we promise!” They hurried out.
A few months later, the baby was born. She was named Anita. 

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